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Picking Up Banker Chicks and Other Misogynistic Thoughts

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According to my friend Sully, the best thing about dating a banker chick is that you don’t have to see her very often. The bank will keep her locked up in her cubicle while you spend your time watching the game with your buddies.
So I wasn't surprised when Sully emailed me Leverage Sell-Out's handy guide on “How to Get a Banker Chick.” Highlights includedLSO’s insights into Banker Chick psychology.

“Girls in banking are like wilted flowers. They were once vibrant, intelligent, and full of energy. They once dominated their peers in school and were part of the most elite social circles. Now, they are drones devoid of self-confidence and social nothings.”

It was inevitable that someone would point out that we’re not supposed to say such things about young women these days. As blogger Going Private writes in an open letter to LSO:

"With respect to this particular demographic, your entry is crude, misogynistic, targets a productive segment of working women and is entirely lacking any of the tenants of modern, progressive-liberal thinking."

Then Going Private added:

“Accordingly, please add me to your mailing list immediately...”