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A reader writers:

I was indulging in some internet planespotting and noticed that at 8:49 AM MDT (this morning) a Gulfstream IV registered to Thomas H Lee Management arrived at Centennial, a small, general avation airport outside of Denver; less than two hours later at 10:44 a Gulfstream V registered in part to SAC Capital Advisors arrived. No idea what it means but looks really coincidencey to me.

Well, there's one obvious conclusion to infer: SAC has better private planes than Thomas H. Lee. Also, the brunch at Ellyngton's is fantastic and wholly worth the hop/skip/flight over.
As for what else is happening in Denver: MorganStanley's looking at TransMontaigne, but nothing else comes immediately to mind. Any other info? Send to tips AT dealbreaker dot com. Update: A reader points out that there are Janus takeover rumors circulating at the moment.