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Planespotting Strikes Back

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Yet another [totally unconfirmed**] report yesterday from The Planespotter:

Who says Americans don't know what's going on outside our borders? IAC's Bombardier Global Express twinjet took the overnight flight from Teterboro to Cote d Azur today and Morgan Stanley Management Services took their G-V to Geneva yesterday. Sequoia Capital is really taking the lead in burnishing our image overseas, though. First, the G-IV registered to Sequoia partner and Google director Michael Moritz took off to Le Bourget just days after returning from a three day trip to Sevilla. That I get. Sequoia's other plane, though, a Falcon 50, is currently en route from Iqaluit in way northern Canada to Florence (or as they call it there Firenze). Oil sands to olive oil? No clue on that trip.

** Well, okay, not totally. IAC has a Bombadier (tail no. N393BZ), MS Management Services has a couple of G-Vs (N123M, N223MD), etc. We just don't know where they are at all times.