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Planespotting: The Sequel

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Our planespotter sends an update:

So the SAC G-V is safe back home at Teterboro after a brief stop at a regional Boston airport. If you want some gasoline to throw on your speculation about this trip, Janus' Challenger 604 touched down at Westchester Co. (HPO - just minutes from Greenwich!) on April 30 and doesn't appear to have moved since. Relational Investors piloted their Falcon 2000 from San Diego to Teterboro today. Be glad you're not the target of whoever it is that the "we're not a hedge fund we're investment advisers" activists are here to see. They can be a real pain in the ass, just ask Sovereign Bancorp. And United Healthcare, I know that your G-V is really comfy, but with the price of gas these days, do you really think it's been a good idea to shuttle back and forth between St. Paul and Teterboro/Westchester every single day this week?

We haven't confirmed said planespottings, but we're thinking of plotting them on a Google map anyway and using it to annoy George Clooney. We're also collecting private jet tail numbers, to be used later for the usual mischief-making purposes. If you have any to contribute, send to tips AT dealbreaker DOT com.