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Plotkin Hits a Triple: Indicted, Jailed and Fired

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Eugene Plotkin, who allegedly masterminded the Stripper-Eastern Europe-Business Week-Mail Dude-Insider-Trading scam from inside his post at Goldman Sachs, was indicted yesterday. He's now sitting in jail, waiting to make bail. Apparrently the young man has had some trouble coming up with co-signers on his $3 million bail bond.
The NY Post has details about the bail bond haggling.

At a bail hearing yesterday, Plotkin's lawyer, Martin Schmukler, said the aunt and uncle agreed to put their $1 million home on the line. But they don't want to co-sign on the bond, which could make them liable for the entire $3 million if Plotkin fled.
Plotkin's parents are willing to co-sign on the bond, but they are no longer willing to put up the $250,000 in cash they'd promised because his father, Mikhail, was concerned about not having any cushion if his health failed, Schmukler said.

DealBook reports that Goldman confirmed our young Plotkin's been fired from Goldman Sachs. Earlier he was merely under suspension.

Wall St. Scammer to Stay in Slammer
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