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Seema Boesky, Latter Day Scheherazade?

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The AP has just discovered Ivan Boesky's ex-wife's essay anthology, Seema Says:

One of the promotional blurbs on the back of the recently published anthology of columnist Seema Boesky's work says her offerings "have made thousands of readers smile, scratch their heads and wonder." Indeed. Wonder things like: How fabulous is it to be obscenely rich? What do you talk about over sirloin and champagne when your seven-pound Maltese terrier has impregnated a Bijon? What do you do when geese overrun your own personal orchard? And, seriously, how fabulous is it to be obscenely rich? These and other answers to life's pressing questions—but mostly the one about being rich—can be found in the oeuvre of Boesky, a columnist for the monthly Westchester Wag magazine, in suburban Westchester County north of New York.

Her Greenwich-based publisher refers to her as "a latter-day Scheherazade" which is either a gross misunderstanding of Scheherazade, or a gross misunderstanding of Seema Boesky. But our Maltese has been overly randy lately, the geese are mucking about the DealBreaker orchard, and our ex-husband is vacationing in minimum security for a few years, so maybe we'll pick it up.
Of Being Rich, Plastic Surgery, and, Uh, Being Rich... [AP]