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SWF Seeks Merger Specialist

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As we've mentioned before, we occasionally plug "banker" in the search box on Craigslist just to see if anything interesting comes up. Generally, results fall in one of two categories: "randy banker seeks young hot thing for no-strings relationship, willing to pay" or "young hot thing seeks randy banker to finance exorbitant lifestyle, willing to do whatever randy banker wants." In the latter category, the young woman to the left posts the following: "if you are an m&a banker, hopefully on the young side ie (22-25), i need a favor and in return, i'll make your head spin." Which begs the question: why an M&A guy specifically? (We realize that reliably good transaction advice is in short supply, but...) Why not a nice LBO guy? Or a hedge fund guy? We hear they're hot (in one sense of the word.)
M&A Bankers W4M (22) [Craigslist]


GLG Partners' Reverse-Merger With Man Group Completed

GLG Partners has completed its takeover of the Man Group from within, two years after Man paid $1.6 billion for the pleasure of sinking into irrelevance.