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Takeover Targets In Banks

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DealBook provides the goods on this weekds Citigroup analyst report on banks which might be ripe for the picking by larger buyers.

Inspired by the recent pickup in bank mergers, analysts at Citigroup issued a 21-page report this week handicapping which banks might be in play – and which might be the players.
The banks with the “highest potential upside in a sale” — as defined by the difference between the current share price and the expected takeover price — are SunTrust Banks, Washington Mutual, First Horizon National, City National, AmSouth Bancorp and Compass Bancshares, according to the report.

This, of course, has folks wondering if Citigroup is going to get back in the acquisition game. Meanwhile, it strikes us as an excellent excuse to provide you with our favorite WaMu advertisement. We're totally using the "I got trapped in a truck disguised as a bar" the next time the missus asks where we've been all night.
Citi Analysts Pick Favorites in Banks’ Dating Game [DealBook]