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The Government Thinks You Aren't Having Enough Babies

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William P. Kucewicz, editor of and former Former Wall Street Journal editorial board member, argues for the immigration liberalization being pushed by President George Bush in NationalReviewOnline today. The problem is that Americans aren't having enough babies to replace our aging population and prop up the governments burgeoning entitlement programs, according to Kucewicz. The solution? The government needs to import more people.

While it’s too late to change the boomers’ baby-making habits, policymakers can do the next best thing: that is, import as adults via liberalized immigration policies the children who were never born. Working-aged immigrants would do just as nicely as native-born Americans in terms of maintaining a viable ratio of workers to retirees.

This makes sense because, as everyone knows, governments are very good at second-guessing the independent decisions of millions of independent actors. And it's totally not surprising that a "conservative" magazine thinks that government totally knows how many Americans there should be. No really.