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"The Most Blinged Out Towncar Available"

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Curbed's Lockhart Steele just pointed us to the limo porn photo on the left, taken outside of Goldman Sachs. (Click for a larger image.) If you can't have a private plane, at least you can have a private car. It reminded us of ex-banker Dana Vachon's (a.k.a., "D-Nasty") seminal "I Would Like the Most Blinged Out Towncar Available" blog post from a while back. An excerpt:

"MassiveBank Car Service."

"Hello. I would like to arrange for a car to take me home. Preferably the most blinged out vehicle available."


"Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to incur an extra expense for the firm. All I'm saying is, if there is a choice between a blinged out car and a car that is not so blinged out, give me the bling."

"So you want like a stretch?"

"No. But I'm saying that some cars have Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk and smell like old nicotine. And some have the little DVD players and smell real new. And if you find that it comes down to choosing, I'm all about the blingety-bling-bling"...

I Would Like the Most Blinged Out Towncar Available [D-Nasty]