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The Revenge of Planespotting

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Yet another update from The Planespotter:

So, either legendary global investor Gary Brinson or Lone Star Global Acquisitions president Ellis Short are taking their fractionally owned G-IV to Pulkova at St. Petersburg, Russia overnight. Good luck. Natural resources are hot if you don't end up in the Russian pokey. Likewise, Thomas H. Lee's G-IV that was out in Denver last week is now at Dallas-Ft Worth. Natural resources are hot. While they're at that, I hope execs at Thomas H. Lee are either planning a deal in the Low Country region or have killer handicaps right now considering how often their other G-IV has taken them to Savannah-Hilton Head, Charleston, and Brunswick, GA in the past two weeks. Check for the golf-glove tan.

In other news, Nokia pulled their G-V into Teterboro yesterday. In another unlikely combination, the G-IV fractionally owned by the New York Stock Exchange, Chesapeake Energy and Gagosian Gallery spent their weekend in Paris, landing at Le Bourget. I don't like de Gaulle, either. Happy trails.

Per usual, we haven't confirmed said planespottings, but are now considering a trip to Paris for reportorial purposes.
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