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The Smartest Guys In Gen Pop

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Enron Verdict Day continues here at Dealbreaker with a round-up of the latest blog commentary.
Former Enron executives Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling will still be the smartest guys in the room. It's just that the room will be in prison. [Red State Diaries]
"Retirement cost-saving tip: Die in prison." [Xenophile]

The only bad thing is that other Enron hotshot - the egomaniac that had sex with hookers in the office after hours? Yeah. He's probably on an island somewhere, flashing cash and laughing it up. Damn. What's his name? I can't find it. Maybe later.
The jury has spoken in the Enron case. While I did not follow it closely, I did read bits of the defendants' testimony. Each of them at one time or another showed the jury a quality in a part of their personalities that is more than deadly in a jury trial. The quality? Arrogance. [Flares Into Darkness]
The other reason he took so long is that his children were signing over their houses so that he could get out on bond. [ Born at the Crest of the Empire]
Tom Skilling of WGN-TV Chicago is the best TV weatherman in America, all classes and probably all-time. He has the misfortune to be the brother of Jeff Skilling, of Enron infamy, who has just been convicted of everything but aggravated sidewalk-spitting and a count or two of insider trading. It’s an interesting morality play of two brothers, products of the same genetics and environment and all that, both very talented guys, one of whom used his abilities for Good and the other…not so much. [Corrente]