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The Upside of Regulatory Fines: Career Marketing!

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According to the Times, regulatory trouble hasn't hurt Philippe Jabre's (our favorite French finance guy behind Arki Busson) career prospects:

Dozens of banks and hedge funds have been trying to recruit the manager, Philippe Jabre, since he left GLG Partners, one of Europe's biggest hedge funds, with $13 billion in assets, according to three executives who say they speak regularly with Mr. Jabre.**

Maybe we're cynical, but we don't find this surprising. What's a regulatory fine and a couple of years of minimum security jail time if not the "cost of doing business"? We don't think Al Taubman and Martha Stewart are suffering from a lack of party invites, so to speak. And we're pretty sure Michael Milken isn't.
**And, we assume, may or may not be friends with Jabre.
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