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Henry Blodget on Susan Kalla's (Caris & Co) suggestion in BusinessWeek** that Microsoft taking over Time Warner would be a "great move":

I don't know Susan and it's certainly possible that she was misquoted. If not, however, I have some questions: Where was she five years ago, when AOL bought Time Warner? Would she care to expound on why a proposal frighteningly similar to what has been deemed the most disastrous merger in business history would be a "great move"? Would she like to explain how the same company will be effective at competing against IBM and Linux on one end and sitcom production companies on the other? Would she care to hazard a guess as to where the headquarters of this fantastic new $100 billion corporation will be located? Would she... Never mind.

Ah, Henry. Ever the pessimist (except That One Time.) We'd like to see a Timecro Warnersoft if only because it would be more fun for Carl Icahn to contemplate breaking up. We'd also like to see Steve Ballmer managing Jeff Bewkes.
Other than that... terrible idea!
** We've said it before, but... people read BusinessWeek?
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