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Where In the World Is Stevie Cohen's G-V?

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A late night update (11:30PM) from yesterday's planespotter:

...Another Gulf-IV arrived (owned by a Banc of America leasing company but not the bank itself - no word on occupants) at Centennial from Teterboro on Tues, 6:59 PM MDT. The G-V registered to SAC stopped at Kansas City (KMCI) for at least the day in the afternoon and has stayed there until now.

Our Colorado bureau is off using the DealBreaker G-V for personal errands, so we can't confirm said spottings, which may be merely vicious, sordid rumors of private jet landings. We are, however, willing to outsource SAC-stalking to volunteers. Send Stevie-spottings to tips AT dealbreaker dot com.