Write-Offs: 05.01.06


$$$Top Ten Ways You Know You Watch Too Much CNBC [Hedgefolio via The Big Picture]
$$$ Who has the higher R-squared with impending financial doom: Mark Cuban or Guy Kawasaki? [Going Private]
$$$Separated at birth: insider trader Sonja Anticevic and amateur securities sleuth Yolanda Holtzee? [UnderTheCounter.net]
$$$Variety to Yucaipa CEO Ron Burkle: "Public figures don't declare war on the press, Ron. The press will always win." [Variety via Jared Paul Stern's media mailing list]
$$$Murder! Intrigue! Bankers!:

One brother, the good son, high-powered Merrill Lynch banker, was bludgeoned to death by his wife in Hong Kong after being fed a narcotic milk shake—by his own young daughter. Another brother, the bad son, stole millions of dollars, then was discovered bound and stabbed in the back in his Greenwich mansion. The unbelievable story of an ordinary family gone horribly wrong. [New York mag]


Write-Offs: 04.10.13

$$$ Fed's Early Minutes Release Went to Some Banks [WSJ] $$$ Ex-SAC Trader Gets Court Permission for African Honeymoon [DealBook] $$$ Dimon Sees More Regulator Scrutiny After Whale Loss [Bloomberg] $$$ FBI found KPMG auditor via golf buddy, his lawyer says [Reuters] $$$ Goldman deal with union group lets Blankfein keep dual roles [Reuters] $$$ Underdog Undergrads From Jersey City Win Investing Competition [MarketBeat] $$$ Dodd-Frank 'Written in Anger,' Needs Fixing: Chamber CEO [CNBC] $$$ Chaos of rulings on toxic CDOs means uncertainty for investors [Reuters] $$$ Bank Investors Press Breakups to Add Value, Burnell Says [Bloomberg] $$$ 'Warehouse Games': Base Metals Supply Crunch on the Horizon? [AOL Energy] $$$ S&P, TrueEX Team Up on CDS Futures [WSJ] $$$ Beyonce and Jay-Z Cuba Trip Called ‘Educational’ by Treasury [Bloomberg]