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Write-Offs: 05.16.06

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$$$ The new breed of club kid (and alleged Goldman Sachs employee): The Popper Monster [Manhattan Offender]
$$$ Everything you thought you knew about SWOT is wrong. [BusinessPundit]
$$$ Why arguments over email are nastier than arguments in real life: because you're egocentric. [Christian Science Monitor]
$$$ "Cool Stuff Being Made": The blog of the National Association of Manufacturers. Recent videos: "How Krispy Kreme Donuts Are Made", "How BMW z-4s are made"... []
$$$ Ken Lay's personal website. The sky blue theme makes him seem so trustworthy, so innocent. []


Write-Offs: 3.23.15

Money going to Janus but not Bill Gross; Michael Lewis tries not to think about the markets too much; Warren Buffett likes America; Deutsche Bank CEOs take paycut; Dad shoots son, but not fatally, for finishing orange juice; and more.

Write-Offs: 5.9.16

Carl Icahn is angry with Bernie Sanders; John Mack invested with former LendingClub CEO; Krispy Kreme agrees to buyout; Japanese baseball game delayed when foul-smelling fish falls from the sky; and more.