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Yoel Zaoui=Sole Head of Goldman's European I-Banking Division

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From today's announcements in Reuter's "Move" column.

Goldman Sachs said on Monday that Yoel Zaoui is to become sole head of investment banking in Europe, in a reshuffle of the U.S. investment bank's top European management.
Zaoui, who has played a key role in building up the firm's European M&A business, was previously co-head of investment banking in Europe alongside Chris French and Matthew Westerman.
French is to become chairman of European investment banking, while keeping his job as head of investment banking services.
Westerman will continue as sole head of the bank's European financing group, within the investment banking division.

The Zaoui (which we really hope is pronounced "Zowy!") family is really something to behold. Yoel's brother Michae holds the equivalent position at Morgan Stanley. So, basically, if you're doing a big M&A deal in Europe, the odds are pretty good one of the Zaoui brothers has a hand in it.
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