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A Harriet Miers Moment?

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Yesterday we pointed toward some rumbling on the Republican right about George Bush appointing Hank Poulson Treasury Secretary. The rumbling continues, although it has not yet grown into a full on right-wing thunderstorm. Rick Karlgaard flipped from praising Poulson to warning against him. Human Events, America's oldest conservative newspaper, points out Paulson's donations to Democrats. The National Legal and Policy Center blasted the nomination.
Human Events adds: "At a time when the Bush Administration desperately needs to salvage its standing with conservatives, it has had another Harriet Miers moment."
Is this really another Harriet Miers moment, with the President's favored nominee going down due to criticism by his base? Has bungling Iraq, Katrina, domestic spending and Meyers set the once steadfastly pro-Bush conservatives reflexively against him?
We guess that's probably a bit too much to hope for.