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Airbus Crisis Goes Political

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The Airbus crisis—touched off when the European airplane maker announced a six month delay in deliveries of its A380 superjumbo jet—continues to spread-out into the political arena.
The German finance ministry and DaimlerChrysler, part owner of Airbus parent European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co, broke their silence on the Airbus crisis in order to smack down French calls for revisions to the EADS “shareholders’ pact”—the Franco-German agreement which governs the company and prevents the French government from directly interfering with it. French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has since backed away from proposals to increase the hand of the French government in the company.
And while he was trying to make nice with the Germans, Villepin was also apologizing for accusing Socialist leader François Hollande of cowardice during yesterday's heated debate in the French parliament over the government’s position on Airbus. His accusation led to a walk-out by the socialist ministers. There is some talk that the Airbus crisis might topple Villepin’s government.