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Airbus: Lawsuits, Right-Wingers and Monks

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The BBC is reporting that a shareholder group has launched a “French-style class action” lawsuit against EADS, the 80% parent company troubled planemaker Airbus.
Meanwhile, French right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen has decided to add his voice to the fray, calling for embattled Airbus co-executive Noel Forgeard to be sent to a monastery.

"I think that if I was a shareholder there wouldn't be a shadow of a doubt. I would send him off to the Benedictines (monks) to learn a bit of moderation, thought and wisdom."

Not quite “Get thee to a nunnery” but close enough that if we were in Forgeard’s place we’d want to keep in mind how Ophelia ends up in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Send EADS chief to a monastery - France's Le Pen