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Airbus Meltdown Keeps Getting Stranger

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Okay. Airbus is not a Margritte painting. But following the crisis at Airbus increasing has the same feeling of paranoid unreality. As if some illusion had been lifted and we were discovering that the world is much, much stranger than we thought.
Take the latest report from IAG, the travel and aviation consultancy group, which describes the situation at Airbus as so laced with international intrigue it recalls one of Charles McCarry’s Cold War spy novels. There are cowardly and double-dealing French, crafty Germans and practical English, all maneuvering for advantage.

In the end, with France's political opposition about to start calling for Mr. Forgeard's dismissal, Mr. Chirac being a lame duck and France political players getting ready for an election, Mr. Forgeard's allies are getting weaker every day. The quieter the Anglos and Germans are the more you can expect to hear noise from the French camp. Time is not on France's side. Isn't it amazing the man who recently referred to French politicians as "excited monkeys" now depends on them for his job more than ever?

Ouch. Note to self: watch out what you call the people who may someday decide whether or not you get to keep your job.

The internal breakdown within Airbus
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