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An MBA Fights the Russian Menace

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Another blog to keep on your radar. This time from a Finnish MBA who is now ten days into his stint with the Finn military.

Picture the scene. Naoise O'Loughlin-Irwin is lined up with the other fresh recruits. The drill sergeant, the owner of his ass for the next few months is walking down the line, shouting insults at the sorry lot of losers that he has to put up with, singling out one gimpy gimp in particular, a gimpy loser in the shape of that Irish aquatic vegetarian investment banker:
"Only three things come from Ireland: steers, queers and investment bankers. I don't see no horns on you, boy, and you sure as hell don't play golf good enough to be a banker, so that kind of narrows it down. Are you a queer, Private Fishboy?"
"No sir, you are!"

Heh. Finn drill sergeants get their best lines from American movies and then get burnt by Irish investment bankers.
File under:Finn military=probably good at cross-country skiing; being scary, not so much.
Day 10: How Would The Gimpy Fishboy Do In The Army?[Rapid Deployment Finn Blog]