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And Perella Weinberg It Is

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This morning we reported that the internet domain name PerellaWeinberg.Com had been anonymously reserved, indicating that this might be the name of Joseph Perella’s new investment banking boutique (although we noted it was also possible that a third-party had reserved the name).
This afternoon, DealBook’s Andrew Ross Sorkin has followed up on our internet sleuthing, and is reporting that a source at the new firm has confirmed that Perella Weinberg will in fact be the name.
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The Weinberg half of the firm's name derives from Peter Weinberg (pictured left), the former Goldman Sachs International's CEO. Weinberg is almost a third-generation Goldman guy. Both his uncle and his grandfather held the top spot at Goldman. He joined Goldman in 1988, after working at Morgan Stanley for several years.
Exclusive: Finally, Perella’s Firm Name Revealed [DealBook]


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