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Bilderberg Group Meets: Conspiracy Nuts Totally Lose It!

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Ottawa — It's like Woodstock for conspiracy theorists.
A serene suburban setting has been transformed into a four-day festival of black suits, black limousines, burly security guards — and suspicions of world domination.
On the outskirts of the nation's capital, a tony high-rise hotel beside a golf course is hosting the annual meeting for one of the world's most secretive and powerful societies.
It's not the Freemasons.
Forget those fabled U.S. military men who tucked away UFOs in the Arizona desert.
These guys, you've probably never even heard of, and if you believe the camera-toting followers who attend all their meetings, they control the world.
They're called the Bilderberg group.

Cue foreboding music.
(And someone give me credit for not using this as an excuse to put up a picture of Miss Canada.)

Secretive, powerful Bilderberg group meets near Ottawa
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