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Bill Gates Stepping Down. Again.

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Didn’t he already step down? Oh, right. He stepped down as CEO of Microsoft several years ago, leaving the company in the playful paws of Steve “Dancing Bear” Ballmer. Now he runs the product development parts of Microsoft.
Or ran them. Last night Microsoft announced that Gates will step down from that job too, so he can focus on running his do-gooder charity work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But don’t go looking to steal supplies from his office yet, young Microserfs, because Bill’s leaving in slow-motion—“transitioning” out for the next two years. Someone they implausibly call Ray Ozzie will be taking over his duties.
Gates is not quite stepping away from the company he started with Paul Allen back in 1975. He’ll still be chairman of Microsoft. Until the next “Bill Gates Steps Down” announcement comes along.
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