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Bloomsday for Businessmen

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Today is Bloomsday, the annual celebration commemorating the day on which the events told in James Joyce's Ulysses unfold. We've already had our lunch of Gorgonzola sandwiches washed down with a glass burgundy. Okay. Two glasses. Fine. Three. But it's Friday in the summer, so who is counting?
Where were we? Oh yes. Bloomsday. The world of business and finance doesn't make much of a showing in Joyce's epic novel. In fact, the most notable appearance of a businessman takes place (appropriately) in a chapter called "Hades" and the businessman in question is dead.

Every mortal day a fresh batch: middleaged men, old women, children, women dead in childbirth, men with beards, baldheaded business men, consumptive girls with little sparrow's breasts. All the year round he prayed the same thing over them all ad shook water on top of them: sleep.

Joyce did, however, coin one of our favorite phrases--"The Phantom Ship of Finance." Someday when we write a DealBreaker guide to investing, remind us to use that as the title.