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Burleigh Grimes: Quicker Reviews

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We haven’t seen the new hedge-fund musical Burleigh Grime$ yet. We were waiting for someone to send us free tickets so we could sick the interns on the thing. Reading the reviews, however, has made us reconsider. Not even a summer intern deserves to be subjected to this. So, in place of an actual review of Burleigh Grime$ and in the spirit of the newly inaugurated Shorter Dealbook feature, after the jump we bring you the Quicker Guide to Burleigh Grime$ reviews.

New York Sun: “enough little bad things can add up to one big bad thing.” (link)
New York Times: “a feeble-witted comedy about dirty dealings on Wall Street” (link)
Slate: “a little sex, a lot of compromised and corrupt professionals, and an abrupt and confusing ending” (link
BroadwayWorld.Com: “simply a bad investment of time” (link)
Newsday: “Even if Roger Kirby's greed-is-good satire did not feel 20 years late, his material would be as labored as that dollar sign in the title.” (link)
DealBreaker Summary: KYD. (One of old bosses used to write this on top of documents describing potential disaster deals: Keep your distance.)



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