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Bush Administration Officials Annoyed at Paulson

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A DealBreaker source connected to the White House reports that some high-level members of the administration are annoyed by reports that Hank Paulson continues to play a role in talks to split the presidency of Goldman Sachs. Paulson, the CEO and chairman of Goldman, was recently nominated by George Bush to succeed John Snow as Treasury Secretary.
“Folks think he should be concentrating on his new job, not trying to secure the value of his Goldman stock by meddling with its succession issues,” the source said.
The source asked to remain confidential. Specifically, the source said, “You guys kill blogs everytime you mention them. Imagine what will happen to me.”
A note of caution after the jump.

DealBreaker has a good deal of confidence in the integrity of this source but we should note that prior to taking a job with the Bush administration, our source worked for conservative policy organizations that have expressed objections to Paulson’s appointment. As we’ve pointed out before, some conservatives object to Paulson’s involvement with environmental causes.
In our nation’s capital, it’s always safe to assume that when some leaks a story about internal disapproval of an administration official or appointee, the source may be actively involved an active campaign to foment such disapproval. In short, look out; politics is dirty.