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Charles Gasparino's Wife: A Wee Bit Spendy?

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What would we do without CNBC's SquawkBox? Every morning brings a new delight. This morning, for instance, CNBC hosted Michael Siverstein, the author of a new book called "Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of The Consumer." Silverstein's thesis is that women have bifurcated shopping habits, looking for bargains on everyday purchases in order to save money for luxury purchases. We have no idea if this is a phenomenon that is actually occuring or just a "phenomenon" made to sell books. We aren't going to read the book, either, so we'll just have to reserve judgment.
No such reservations for CNBC's Charles Gasparino. For him, the idea that women were trying to save money was just too much to bear this morning.
"Where are you getting these statistics that women are looking to save money? Heh. Because, uh, that's not happening in my house," Gasparino blurted out.
It's a wonderful world where we are privy to the domestic situations of financial reporters. Ah, Charlie, sounds like someone's sleeping on the couch tonight.