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CNBC: The Naked Truth

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We are hunched over our third cup of black coffee this morning trying to figure out exactly what has gone wrong in our lives that we were once again sitting in front of keyboards with CNBC babbling in the background, when a shock goes through our system. What did they just say? Is that Joe Kernen talking about what kind of, uhm, bed wear he purchases for his wife? Oh, for the love of little baby Jesus!
"What if I told you I sleep in the rough?" Kernen continues.
This cannot really be happening? Now he's talking about his underwear. Boxers or briefs? Boxers; something about how he's got to be free!
Click! Just in time. Another moment and the entire day would have been ruined.
We decide not to post about it because we assume the whole thing was just a bad dream. But now WallStFolly assures us that it was all real. Too real.
For those who might care: Joe Kernen: Boxers or briefs? [WallStFolly]