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Craigslist Starts Charging Brokers $10

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Today Craigslist began charging apartment brokers in New York $10 for rental listings, in a move the managers of the popular online classified advertising site hope will cut down on frequent and repetitive postings by brokers.
Frequent reposting of offerings by brokers was making the site harder to use, the company said in a statement online.

The high volumes of postings in these categories encourages frequent re-posting of the same listings, creating a vicious cycle. That can be really annoying to everyone, making these categories much less useful. Many brokers and renters have suggested that a small fee could do wonders in eliminating this problem, saving lots of time and headache for all concerned.

Of course, unscrupulous brokers immediately migrated to the still free areas for apartments being rented by owners. At least that’s what seemed to be happening in the first few hours of the new policy. Craigslist operators quickly removed some of the more obviously dishonest listing, however, and seem to be keeping an eye out for brokers posting in the for-rent by-owners section.

$10 Fee for NYC Broker Apt Ads