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DealBook, The Abridged Version: 06.20.06

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Goldman CEO Paulson to testify in Grasso’s civil trial [legal]
Supreme Court to grant more State’s rigts on oversight of private banks? [legal]
Natural gas traders plead guilty to price manipulation charges [legal]
Head of Japan’s central bank says “sorry” for his involvement in investment scandal [fraud]
Senate, yet again, making it easier for telecom/media concentration [legal]
Justice Department vs. SEC: Should syndicates to underwrite IPO? [legal]
Short seller convicted of insider trading [crime]
Arcelor gets court summons for showing ADAM no respect on legal disclosures [legal]
Apollo Group gets subpoena in stock option grants investigation [legal]
Hollinger International chairman ‘not honest about ‘freedom-securing assets, attorneys say [inquiries]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Sinopec + Udmurtneft
Intelsat + PanAmSat Holding
Castle Rock Industries + Alfred Karcher
Texas Pacific Group + AOL Germany’s freenet?
Russia’s richest man + Evraz Group
Nortel Networks + Motorola + Huawei+ ecetera
NeoPhotonics + LightConnect and OpTun + etcetera
EMC + ProActivity Software Solutions
For Sale:
AOL’s European operations
Bidding war for Brambles U.K waste-management business
Money Raising:
Cookie dough company to raise $230 million for IPO $$$
Carlyle Group banks $2 billion for Japan Fund $$$$
Tribune Media Group takes out loans to repurchase shares $$$
Cell phone start up’s raise $1billion for slice of U.S. market $$$$
Vaperma raises $6.2 million for filtration tech $
JH Partners closes second institutional fund; nabs $350 million $$$
Robert B. Zoellick leaves State Department to join GS
Greentown China Holdings to seek a public listing LINK
Hott IPOs for 2006 LINK
Deutsche Börse’s bid for Euronext falls short of some’s expectations LINK
Instal slashes sales of its high-yield bonds by millions LINK
Sandy Weill closes deal with God; gives away billions in personal fortunes LINK
Goldwind Science and Technology looks to U.S. financial advisors LINK
Fidelity International splits Special Situations funds in half LINK
Lloyds TSB to pay its pension dues LINK
Debt troubles for European private equities business LINK
European hedge funds to government regulators: leave us alone LINK