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DealBook, The Abridged Version: 06.22.06

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F.C.C. and deregulation...again [legal]
U.S. and Brit regulators investigate British Airways over ticket pricing and surcharges [inquiries]
Computer Associates' business development exec pleads guilty obstruction charges [legal]
Canada’s fifth-largest bank denies insider trading charges [legal]
NYSE clerk narks on colleagues Michael Stern and Michael Haywa in illegal trading investigation [legal]
Brit banking trio have one week to appeal against extradition on Enron-related charges [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Siemens + Nortel Networks?
New York Times Company + [enter name here]?
IMG Artists + International Creative Management's classical music division?
Green Mountain Power + Northern New England Energy
For Sale: up for grabs
Univision to it's sole bidder: HELL NO
Arcelor; stuck in the middle w/ Severstal and Mittal Steel
PCCW--if China Network doesn't throw in the monkey wrench
Paulson's GS shares
Michaels Stores; bidders include The Carlyle Group, etc
Packard Bell
Lord & Taylor
Bank of China prices its Shanghai IPOS at $2.5 billion $$$$
Morgan Stanley holds it down in Russian IPOs market $$$$
Global Ethanol Holdings to raise $518 million in IPOs $$$
After almost 60 years, Vespa raises $346-440 million for IPOs $$$
RGB Networks closes its $20 million Series C round, making $90 million after new valuations $$
Colorado Group shares surge after Affinity Equity Partners raises stake in company LINK
Heritage Partners rake in 350% return from sale of Castle Rock Industries shares to Alfred Kärcher LINK
José Maria Aznar--then: former Spanish Prime minister; now--News Corp's newest board member
Pascal Ravery named J.P. Morgan Chase's European V.P
David M. Platter making his rounds to Credit Suisse
Behinds the scenes of the Chandler family: Thomas Unterman, a man of many hats LINK
Chairman Maurizio Borletti has big plans for department store, I La Rinascente LINK
Tough market for companies looking to take shares public LINK
Intel increases stake in Navini Networks LINK
Harvard to billionaire Larry Ellison: Where's our I.O.U.? LINK
GS Asset Management launches $200 million offshore Chinese equity fund LINK
It's a turbulent market--so why are investment banks still pulling in record gains? LINK
Dresdner Bank cuts jobs to remain competitive on Wall Street...surprising. LINK
Money on MySpace for Murdock? LINK
Apollo's Hexion Specialty Chemicals, again, suspends IPOs LINK