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DealBook, The Abridged Version (06.28.06)

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CAMC Engineering to be investigated by Chinese authorities for possible market-rigging [investigations]
EADS‘ co-chief executive Noel Forgeard appears before a closed session of French parliament’s [legal]
China’s National Audit Office uncovers $11 billion worth of fraud at Agricultural Bank of China [fraud]
Three Enron-involved British bankers to be extradited[crime]
Scotland’s single-biggest fraud case results in jailing of banker for embezzling $38 million [fraud]
Morgan Stanley to pay $10 million settlement [legal]
Virgin store chain in France found guilty of piracy [crime]
Nokia sues two Chinese cell phone manufacturers for illegal product copying [legal]
Tactic used to crack down on KPMG corporate misconduct may have violated constitution [legal]
The Senate Judiciary Committee to examine hedge fund cases [inquiries]
Nonpunitive agreement between the Justice Department and the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation for tax-evasion befuddles shareholders [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
EMI Group + Warner Music? Or: Warner Music + EMI Group?
Macquarie +Associated British Ports Goldman Sachs?
Rupert's News Corp + PCCW?
Severstal + Corus?
Univision +Grupo Televisa
China Life + 12 percent of Citic Securities
McClatchy + Knight Ridder
Comcast + thePlatform
Origin Energy + Contact Energy
Capital Bank C.E.O. Jim Beck and partner + Millennia Community Bank
Broadview Networks Holdings + ATX Communications
Apollo Management and Graham Partners + Berry Plastics
Magellan Health Services + Icore Healthcare
Bosch Group + Telex Communications
U.S. Concrete + Alberta Investments and Alliance Haulers
Money Raising:
Bank of China's IPOs total $84.6 billion--the nation’s largest $$$$
J. Crew Group’s IPO raises $376 million, at $20 a share $$$
Rosneft to raise $11.6 billion in IPOs $$$$
Mu Security raises an additional $10 million in second funding round $$
For Sale:
CVC's MotoGP
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Carlyle Group and Merrill Lynch Private Equity to collect a $1 billion dividend LINK
Munesh Khanna resigns as co-head of Enam Financial Consultants
Samuel Chen appointed J.P. Morgan's new senior financial analyst
Buffet will not step down as chairman/chief exec @ Berkshire Hathaway
Ron Pillar to head J.P. Morgan Chase's East Coast tech investment banking
Reliance Industries to invest in retailing LINK
Paulson "treads carefully" on the Bush administration's economic agenda at confirmation hearing LINK
Elpida Memory's shares drop 11% LINK
77% of Asian hedge fund managers support more regulation by financial authorities LINK
Lawrence J. Ellison revokes $115 million donation to Harvard LINK
'Deutsche Bank is misleading investors,' says Eurotunnel LINK
'CFO Andrea Schwartz did not use company funds' Timewarner says LINK
Deutsche Borse's CEO to Euronext: We will not raise our bid LINK