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(Don't Fear) The Aether

Watch out Wall St., there's a new player in town. Perhaps you remember Aether Networks, a .com darling with a brilliant and revolutionary wireless technology. Well, that didn't really pan out, and when the stock crashed, the company had hundreds of millions in losses on the books. That's when they hit upon a brilliant idea. They scrapped the dumb technology business and invested their remaining capital into mortgage-backed securities. Plus, they could carry their losses forward and profit more than anyone else in the game. They're remaking themselves once again and have bought out the miniscule i-bank UCC Capital Corp., moving their headquarters from Baltimore to New York in the process. Could this company's timing be any better? 2000: Wireless Technology 2004-2005: Mortages 2006: Investment Banking. Hmm, actually Wall St. should watch out if the timing of those moves has any significance.
Meanwhile, the company has a staggeringly boring plan for how they help to advise their clients:

D'Loren said his vision is to transform companies by outsourcing manufacturing to ensure the cheapest production and then focusing on managing the intellectual property by plowing profits back into marketing and research and development. With franchise companies, he would turn any company-owned stores over to franchisees and again concentrate on building the brand.
"We don't believe that traditional 20th-century supply chains can operate effectively in the U.S. anymore. This is the right business model going forward in a global economy," D'Loren said. "Don't burn up the capital in a place where you can't compete."

How original.
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