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Exotic Bird Watching on SquawkBox

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It’s just past eight in the morning. You are hunched over a third cup of black coffee and wondering whether it really was such a good idea to accept that fourth drink with your boss last night. Or was it the fifth drink that did it to you? Anyway, by the sixth one you were already done for.
The lads and lasses on CNBC’s SquawkBox are chattering away. Some blogger tried to dump AOL and they gave him the runaround. Now it’s a chart of doves and hawks at the Fed. And some group of Fed governors they’re calling homing pigeons because they follow the leader. You’re pretty sure homing pigeons are great at finding their way home over very long distances rather than following a leader. Maybe they mean ducks. Ducks would be better.
Now its 8:13. Strippers. What? Yes. It’s not yet quarter to eight and CNBC has found an excuse to show a pole dancer clad in nearly nothing. Cut to an image of a porn star doing something with her mouth. Ah, it’s something about that Time Warner guy who the alleged madame of a prostitution ring said was her “sugar daddy.” It’s Day 2 of this story. No new information. Just a good reason to show porny stuff on top of the stock ticker. This is going to be a very silly summer.
Well, at least you are awake now.