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Former Pequot Investigator To Appear Before Judiciary Committee

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We're actually starting to feel bad for Garry Aguirre, the former SEC laywer who ran the Pequot investigation and is claiming that he was fired when he attempted to seek testimony related to the case from Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack. Why are we feeling bad? Because you can already feel the smear campaign ginning up against the guy, hints that he was fired for incompetence or, maybe, for just being weird. This is what big institutions do to whistle-blowers, and it’s a sure fire way to win over our sympathies.
Fortunately, it seems that Aguirre will soon get his moment to defend himself and vindicate his allegations in public. Charlie Gasparino is now reporting on SquawkBlog that Aguirre is scheduled to appear at this week’s hedge fund hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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