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France To Soros: Guilty!

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France's highest appeals court declared George Soros an insider trader today, rejecting his appeal from a 2005 conviction for violating insider trading rules in 1988. Although Soros has exhausted his options to fight the conviction in French courts, he plans to carry on the fight by appealing to the European Court of Human Rights.
In March 2005, a French court found that that Soros had inside knowledge that Societe Generale SA might be a takeover target when he bought shares of the bank in 1988. Today France's Court of Cassation, its final appeals court, agreed.
But Soros still does not. It's been a 17 year long fight, and he's seventy-five years old. Maybe he intends to go to the grave without the matter being finally resolved. "France's court of last resort, my ass! Why do you think I built this European Union thing?" we imagine Soros thought when he got the news. Soros has long been a supporter of a stronger EU.
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