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Goldman Sachs: The New Skull & Bones

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Kyle Pope's article in the Los Angeles Times claims that "Goldman rules the world."

President Bush's nomination last week of Henry M. Paulson Jr., Goldman Sachs' chairman and chief executive, to replace John W. Snow at the Treasury Department has refocused attention on what has become, quite simply, the most influential company on the planet.
Goldman Sachs alums now run the White House bureaucracy (in new Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten), the state of New Jersey (Gov. Jon Corzine) and the New York Stock Exchange (Chief Executive John Thain). Not since John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil — and maybe not even then — has one firm exerted such muscle over ational economic and fiscal policy.

Hyperbole? Maybe a bit. But not long ago conspiracy theorists were obsessed with the fact that so many of our leaders were involved with Yale's famous unsecret secret society, Skull & Bones. How long until we start getting Goldman conspiracy theories?
Let's not beat around the bush. Send your conspiracy theories to Tips(at)Dealbreaker(dot)com.
Update: It has started already!
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