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How Hank Landed the Treasury Gig

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Curious about what went down between President George Bush and Goldman CEO Hank Paulson in the days leading up to Paulson's Treasury Secretary nomination? We suppose you can read this boring account from the New York Times (at least until they hide it behind the subscriber wall). But David Weidner of MarketWatch has obtained* on the transcripts of the actual** job interview.
An excerpt:

POTUS: There will be time enough for gabbing about the rudermentaries of all that later. Let me ask you this: Are you a Christian?

Paulson: A Christian Scientist.

POTUS: Sounds half-right to me.

Heckuva job, Hanky [MarketWatch]
* For the sake of clarity, by "obtained" we mean "totally made up."
** Here "actual" is used as short-hand for "completely fake."


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