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How To Avoid Getting Caught Colluding

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Yesterday Herb Greenberg’s blog revealed that the testimony of former Gradient Analytics employee Demetrios Anifantis had the fingerprints of Overstock all over it. Or, well, he revealed that the word Overstock pops up in the metadata that anyone could examine by opening the “properties” view of the Microsoft Word file.
So does this mean that Overstock, or someone at Overstock, wrote Anifantis' testimony? Maybe! But what really makes us sad about this is that it is all so unnecessary. Look people, next time you secretly compose testimony for your cronies—remember to erase the properties! Click on the “File” tab, scroll down to properties, and then clear those fields out! Nothing could be easier!
Now you can get back to your nefarious schemes!

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[Herb Greenberg's Market Blog]