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Hustle & Flow

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Ah. The glamorous life of investment bankers.

me: so you guys aren't going out tonight?

them: not really... we're exhausted man. we went out wed, thurs, fri, sat...

me: GOD DAMN. doing what?

them: pussy.

me: every night?

them: yea man... believe me.... when you're working 90-100 hours a week, that's pretty much all you look forward to... it's like a challenge to us every night... if we can get it or not.

me: where do you guys go...?

them: well, we went to hero pretty often.... but when we want no challenge... we usually go to MK parties.

me: damn man... male sluts. so... sleeping with diff. girls every night ey...?

them: helllllll no. success rate of bringing a girl home with you is like.. 10%. MK is probably around 25%.

me: why do you guys do it..? i mean, seriously, don't you spend so much money to get pussy?
them: dude... it's like a challenge man.... it's like a game. and when your day consists of staring at a computer screen 14 hours a day... you need to have something to look forward to...

It's the weekend kids. So look forward to that. We're out of here.