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In Re: Hank Paulson, Rock Stars

Journalist Duff McDonald, writing at the Huffington Post, dissects new Treasury Secretary/old Goldman CEO Hank Paulson using only the power of Lexis-Nexis:

So what does he do in his spare time?
Hank is a birdwatcher (92 mentions). Since he mentioned it to a Fortune magazine reporter a few years ago, many journalists parrot the fact that he likes to go watch them in Central Park (21 mentions). He also told Fortune that until he went to college, he dreamed of becoming a forest ranger (4 mentions). When he's not dreaming or working, he might very well be fishing (45 mentions). And lest we forget, back in the day, he played football (58 mentions) in high school and at Dartmouth...
What's the overall conclusion?
Forget about Bono. With Hank Paulson, Bush's likely new Secretary of the Treasury is nothing short of a rock star (5 mentions).

While we're thinking about it, a request to all financial journalists everywhere: please stop referring to bankers as "rock stars." When Jamie Dimon has to tell you to stop, you know it's bad. (Though to be fair, I don't think the journalist in the Times piece that originally referred to Dimon as a rock star classified him as such. Jimmy Lee called him a rock star and the reporter quoted Lee. But still!)
Hank Paulson: Colored by Numbers [HuffPo]