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Interview Horror Stories

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It's not exactly clear why certain articles have to be packaged as "service journalism" when they are clearly schadenfreude journalism. Is there some rule they teach you in journalism school that says we can't laugh at others unless we package it with practical advice? Luckily, no-one at DealBreaker HQ ever went to journalism school, so we missed that class. We bring you the straight funny.

A senior executive recently bragged to recruiter Gerard Roche about being such a big gun in the computer industry that he knew the top brass at IBM. "So you must know Palmisano," Mr. Roche said, alluding to Samuel J. Palmisano, IBM's leader.
The job candidate responded, "Oh, I know Paul very well," the Heidrick & Struggles International senior chairman remembers. "As soon as somebody does something like that, I open the trap door and they're never heard from again."

That's Sam/Paul to the left, by the way. More stories like that in the full story.
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