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It's Dirty Work, But Somebody's Gotta Do It

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The Observer reports that the state of affairs at 17 State Street (home to several financial services companies) leaves much to be desired**:

Has 17 State Street, a curvaceous tower just around the corner from Wall Street, been assailed by a toilet terrorist? The story goes that several bathroom stalls in the building have been regularly bombed, as it were, by an office worker (or workers?) with compulsively and egregiously bad scatological conduct. “I’m the one who goes in with the plunger,” said the building’s bow-tied porter last week. “But without them making a mess, I have no job. So I can’t complain.” The porter fingered the 41st floor as “very messy.” And two workers, outside at lunch last week, described the “egregious abuse” to the 22nd-floor bathrooms.

A quick Googling reveals that the 41st floor is home to TFS Derivatives and Georgeson Shareholder Communications occupies the 22nd floor. We're not sure how bad it really is, but the Observer invoked "Trainspotting."
** We guess this is what the Observer means by "more Wall Street coverage".
Toilet Terror Downtown [The Observer]



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