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Jose Can You See Why This Is Funny?

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When we were toiling in the corporate world, we began to suspect that the various diversity and anti-harassment training exercises were intentionally designed to be inappropriately funny, daring the trainees to laugh aloud. This makes sense. If trainee could withstand a barrage of hilarious racial and gender stereotypes without cracking a smile, then clearly the diversity training had worked. All normal human humor functions had been successfully suppressed.
We guess things haven’t changed. Today a reader sent along some fantastic quotes* from a diversity training course at Morgan Stanley.
[Morgan Stanley diversity jokes after the jump.]
*We haven’t seen the materials, so we have no idea if they are really this funny. But we hope so.

Our reader sends these two quotes.

Let's look at Roberto, a newly hired employee who is Latin-American. During his first week on the job his colleagues begin to refer to him as "Burrito Bob." Additionally, several colleagues jokingly ask him whether he teaches Salsa dancing after hours.

And another, slightly less offensive, one.

Juan, who is Latin-American, is offended by his coworkers' conduct. They often try to speak to him in Spanish, and then laugh. Juan feels that they're belittling him, and he thinks this may be harassment--but he isn't sure.

We're sure everyone feels more comfortable with diversity in the workplace after encountering these two scenarios.