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Liveblogging the CNBC Maserati

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9:05. Normally we reserve liveblogging for really big events. The Treasury Secretary nomination. The Enron convictions. Maybe Eugene Plotkin's first day out on bail. So why are we liveblogging this silly CNBC stock trading contest? Because its Friday in the summer, and that's what summer Fridays are meant for.
9:11. So these kids made fake millions trading in make-believe portfolios. We're thinking that its got to be easier to make a bundle on a fake portfolio than a real one because you aren't putting your own money at risk. You can take more aggressive positions because at the end of the day if you lose it all, you were just playing with monopoly money.
9:14. An IM conversation.
Trader Ivan: So who do you think's winning the thing?
DealBreaker: No clue. I haven't been following this closely.
Trader Ivan: You are a fabulous financial reporter.
DealBreaker: Don't tell Elizabeth.
Trader Ivan: You know your theory on why its easier to make money in this than the real world is screwed, right?
DealBreaker: It's definitely easier to take risks with money you don't have. You still get to go home to your apartment and pay your rent even if you get wiped out.
Trader Ivan: Welcome to Goldman Sachs proprietary trading group.
9:16. "And the winner is..." up next! The graphics on CNBC are piled so high you can barely see the car.
9:20. Game on. The moment we've "all been waiting for." The finalists are Jeremy Reuter, bald giant white dude from Detriot, and Thomas Ko, Asian dude who looks like he might have cut his own hair.
9:21. Someone asks Ko if he's nervous and he's saying, "I just want to say I never expected to win..." He's giving his acceptance speech already. He hasn't won yet!
9:22. Or has he? The CNBC staff seems nervous. Ko has blown the whole thing. Do all the contestants know who won? It's "Insider Gaming." Material non-public information. A fix!
9:23. Both admit they wouldn't have traded with real money the way they traded in the game. Take that Trader Ivan! Pow!
9:24: Becky Quick gets to "do the honors." The winners name is under the license plate number. It's Thomas Ko! CNBC plays a "roadrunner" sound. There's a joke about him being "psychic" because he "predicted" he was going to win. Or, as we like to say, he already knew he had won.
9:25. He's thanking people! Ko is giving an Oscar award speech. He thanks CNBC, Maserati, a website called "the line dot com." Someone reminds him to thank his wife.
9:26. Ko's in the car. It starts! Kernen asks Ko what stocks he likes now. Ko: "Oh, I don't want to speculate." That's it. Ko's a player now.