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Lunch With Buffett Auction

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EBay bidding for chance to eat at Smith & Wollensky with Warren Buffett has stalled after a high bid of $455,100 was made last night. That bid topped last year’s winning offer of $351,100 and was made by an unknown bidder on ebay. Proceeds from the lunch-auction go to a charity with which Buffet’s late wife Susan was involved.
The second highest bidder, interestingly, seems to have once bought tickets to a U2 concert, according to EBay’s bidder information page. That bidder seems to have bid against himself, bidding the price of the “power lunch” up from $50,000 to $455,000. No information has come to light about the bidder who currently holds the highest spot.

Buffett Lunch Fetches $455,100 Bid as Auction Begins on EBay