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Mad Money Intern

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Sometimes we find a blog that is so promising, we almost don't want to link to it. Take this blog by an intern at CNBC. And not just any CNBC show. He's an intern at Jim Cramer's Mad Money. This could be blog gold.

Then came 4:00 when we head down to the set to get it ready for Cramer. It was one of those Dow down 100+ points days so he was all about grilling the bulls. So I went to the CNBC cafeteria and asked for a big jug of BBQ sauce. When I brought it back into the stage Cramer looked at me and said, "Who is this guy? I love it!". Then the producer introduced me to him and I shook his hand. Man, is that guy crazy! He acts exactly the same in person as he does in front of the camera -- he screams, doesn't talk. He bangs on the buttons when someone says something smart. He prances back and forth. He speaks in third-person. He's Cramer and it's HIS show.

So here's the deal. No-one tell Cramer about the blog. We don't want the intern getting shut down.
First week roundup [Summer 2006: NYC, CNBC, Cramer, etc.]